Friday, October 24, 2008

New header picture shows a wonderful time on the lake!

The photo above is my hubby relaxing on board his brother's pontoon boat. We took at least three rides in it on Lake Guntersville, in north Alabama. This is a lake created in the 1930s by damming up part of the Tennessee River. It is a great place for fishing, boating, and all sorts of water activities.

(All the photos below can be clicked to go to Flickr, and you can see a larger image there.)

Our campground from the lake

We stayed here, at the Mountain Lakes RV Resort, a private, members-only campground. My brother-in-law and his wife have been members for many years. We (hubby and I) like to stay at state parks, but this was very nice. There are pull-through campsites with full hook-ups, tent sites, and cabins and lodges for families and groups to rent. There is a clubhouse with restrooms, showers, game room, library, and fireside room. There is a little cafe that serves breakfast and lunch. Members can store their RVs and boats here, and the management will get it out of storage and park it on a site before they arrive! Service with a smile!


Picnic pavilion
Picnic pavilion

Country Cafe

Our trailer
Our trailer

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween greeting
The clubhouse is on the right with a red roof.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I want to thank Connie again

Raspberry Tea

I won a drawing that she sponsored on her blog Casa Maria several weeks ago. At the first hint of cool weather down here in south Alabama, I made myself a teapotful! Mmmmm! Delicious! Thank you so much, Connie!,

Friday, October 10, 2008

A golden afternoon

Goldenrod by a fencepost

The goldenrod is so pretty this time of year.

The House in the Roses' Hopeful Friday

(Don't worry; it's not goldenrod, but ragweed that causes allergies. Goldenrod is pollinated by insects; it is not airborn.)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Memories of family vacations

I googled for the picture of the car. I found it at

When I was a little girl, about four or five, I think, or maybe younger, our family got our first car, a gray Plymouth station wagon. It looked something like the above picture. It had tan leather (or almost leather) upholstery, and little storage boxes on either side of the back seat. I was an only child, so I had full use of both boxes, and we had no seat belts in those days, so I could slide back and forth on the seat at will.

For several summers, we packed the station wagon, loaded our cat into a box my daddy made with wood and screening, and headed "up the country" to visit his family, my grandmother and granddaddy, aunt and uncle. When we got very near, that is, in the same county, his old home, Daddy started driving in the middle of the road instead of on the right! It drove my mother nuts, but he said that's the way they drove in the country!

I slept in a little bed at the foot of the bed Mother and Daddy used. It was at the front of the house, and the window opened out onto the porch where the grown-ups sat talking. I went to sleep to the sound of their voices and the occasional chug-chug of the train that followed the track across the road. Our cat had to stay in the bedroom most of the time, because Grandmother had cats that lived outside. They were for catching rats and mice, and were tougher and stronger than our cat, so he was kept away from them.

I enjoyed helping Grandmother feed the chickens and milk the cows, and tromping out to the pigpen with my uncle. He insisted on going ahead of me, in case there were snakes on the path.

My grandparents had had an indoor bathroom put in a few years before I was born, but Daddy still wanted to use the outhouse when he was there. Some distant cousins lived up the road, and they did not have an indoor bathroom. I used an outhouse for the first time in my life there, and thought it was fun!

When I got older, I started going to Girl Scout camp in the summers, and we quit going "up the country" every year. I'm sorry I didn't get to know my grandmother better (my granddaddy died when I was in first grade). I did get re-acquainted with my aunt and uncle after I was married, but Grandmother had Alzheimer's by then. We went to see her when I was pregnant with our first child, and I think she knew.