Sunday, June 28, 2009

Great Sunday!

(Taken with my cellphone quickly; sorry for the poor quality)

The youth group from our church just returned from Youth Camp, called M.A.D. Week (Make a Difference). Last week, they were sent off with prayer and praise to God. Members of the church were given the names and photos of particular young people and counselors to pray for during the week. During the week, email messages went all around, encouraging us to wear yellow shirts this morning to support and encourage them. Most of those who don't have email were called, and it was announced during prayer meeting Wednesday night. So, this morning about 3/4 of the church were wearing yellow!

The kids had a fantastic week! They joined with two other churches at our denomination's state conference center. Twenty-four professions of faith were made during the week! Seven were baptized at our church this morning! Opportunities were given them to give testimonies of the week, and many of them proclaimed that they had been set free from bondage to many problems: addictions, self-cutting, rebellion, hostility, and lack of faith. I hope and pray that they will all be firmly rooted in their faith, and will grow strong in the Lord.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Superheroes at Chick Fil-A!

We'd had a long day yesterday, and we were both tired, and decided to go to Chick Fil-A for a quick supper. Strange!!! First sign of something out of the ordinary was a canopy style tent on the sidewalk near the door where children were getting their faces painted. I thought it was somebody's birthday.

We went inside, and were met by Batman and Spiderman and several of the Disney Princesses! It was like we stepped in a storybook or a comic book! Children everywhere, some in costume!

We bravely ordered chicken nuggets and a couple of sandwiches, and asked the boy at the counter what was going on. "Children's night," he said, "Do you want to eat in or take out?" "Eat in," we said, so we enjoyed the fun.

Batman at Chick Fil-A

Spiderman at Chick Fil-A

Princesses and Batman at Chick Fil-A

Trio of princesses at Chick Fil-A