Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do I know anyone who loves to write?

Someone sent me a message via Flickr asking for one of my photos for his website. In a subsequent email, after I checked out his website and gave permission, he asked me if I know anyone who loves to write. His website is a picture directory of state and national parks, with a section called "World Parks."
He is not able to pay writers at this time, maybe when his site begins making more money.

Here is the website:
Rec Planet

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I guess everyone's extra busy this time of year!

After I got back from my trip to see grandchildren, I began preparing for my mother's 97th birthday surprise. My cousin and her son flew in from out of state. Mother really was surprised!!!

Around the table

Just before blowing out the candles

This Sunday we're going to have a Christmas party for the Englsh as a Second Language and Adult Reading and Writing students and teachers at our house. We do it every year, and everyone has a lot of fun.

These are photos from a previous year:
Mother and daughter

Enjoying refreshments

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goodbye, Crystal

Goodbye, Crystal, originally uploaded by Fancy Horse.

Goodbye, Crystal
She had a cancerous tumor on the right side of her head. We first noticed it last spring and thought it was an infected bird peck. But it never would heal. In September, the vet diagnosed cancer. She could operate, but it would only grow back, so we decided to take her home and enjoy her as long as we could.
This last week she has done nothing but sleep and drink a little milk when I brought it to her. We knew it was time, and took her to the vet for the last time this morning.

We will miss her so much.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Son popped the question and she said Yes!

This is our older son, the one who's single and 38 years old today. We have met her, and like her very much. I told son to give her a special hug and kiss from me, and then said I don't guess I have to say it twice! He laughed and said he would be sure to tell her which one is from me!

Life is full of ups and downs. My mother had two serious problems within 3 months of each other: a bad fall and pneumonia, and has recovered from both at age of 96 (her 97th birthday is in two weeks); a fire that destroyed most of our lawn and gardening equipment and the shed they were in; a new granddaughter one week old today; son's engagement; and a sick cat who is sleeping her last hours away beside me.

I am happy and excited and ecstatic about the good news, and deeply sad over the bad news. They don't cancel out each other, but it's hard swinging back and forth.
(edit) I just read this on the blog of one of my cyber friends, Wisteria and Roses:
Though great losses have rocked our world through the recent years, a house built upon The Rock withstands the storms; and the family within the standing home rises up to celebrate in the midst of the torrents.
So true, thank you for the timely reminder, Debbie!