Monday, September 27, 2010

Sad news about Crystal (our cat)

We went to the vet this morning. The spot has grown noticeably, and she has lost 1/2 a pound. The vet said it is most likely a fibrosarcoma, in which case surgery would only make it grow back faster. She could remove part of it (but not all since it's very close to her eye), but that would only buy her a few more weeks.

I decided not to allow surgery. She's not uncomfortable now, and seems to enjoy life, and we will keep her happy as long as we can. When she shows signs of being in pain, or miserable, we will make the hard decision then.

Here is a picture of her with the hated Elizabethan collar. She is no longer wearing that. The spot has grown since then, and the picture was taken eleven days ago.

She is a very sweet little cat, and very affectionate but on her own terms. She does not like to be held, but loves to be petted while walking around in circles. It is hard, knowing the end is near, but we will love her as long as we can. She is at least 12 years old (we found her as a stray, and weren't sure how old she was then).

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Very tired

Since Mother's fall six weeks ago today, she's been having some more problems, likely a result of post-concussion syndrome. At times, she's been very unlike herself, but will later "snap out of it." It has happened frequently enough to be worrying, and all since she returned to her home, after staying with us for about 3 weeks. She's seeing doctors and having some tests made. We're praying a lot!

One of my friends from church started a blog called "Prayer for All of Us" (it's on my sidebar on the right). Today's entry was especially meaningful for me.
Designed to travel light
God wants to bear all our burdens. "Casting all our cares upon Him, because He careth for you" I Peter 5:7

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where was I nine years ago?

I was just about to turn the Today Show off to start getting ready for work. Suddenly, a breaking news bulletin announced that an airplane had hit one of the World Trade Centers twin towers. Of course, I thought, as did most people at that point, I imagine, that it was a horrible accident. They were reporting that, trying to find more information, when suddenly, I saw another airplane dangerously close to the remaining tower. I saw it out the Today Show window, and suddenly there was smoke coming from that tower! We all knew then that it was no accident.

I called my mother immediately, and my husband (he had heard, and was listening at work), and I took my portable radio to work with me. My co-worker had not been listening to radio or TV, and had not heard. We listened while we quietly cared for the children, but at the same time, tried to act as normally as possible for their sakes. (I worked in our church's Mother's Day Out then.)

The horrors unfolded moment by moment, it seemed. Another airplane hit the Pentagon! Then another crashed in a field in Pennsylvania! What next??? We were all in shock.

Later my son in graduate school in Belgium, emailed me to ask what was going on. He was seeing the pictures on TV, but couldn't understand what they were saying! He had had his orals for his master's dissertation that day. (The course was taught in English.) Our other son was at National Institute of Standards and Technology headquarters in the Washington, DC metro area! Both of them had trouble getting home during the following days. The one overseas had to wait several days for a flight, and the one in Washington had an almost empty flight a few days later.

I remember the next day, every mailbox on a certain major residential street near where we lived flew a small American flag. One of the neighbors had bought them for everyone. Nearly every house had a flag flying, and many cars sported flag decals.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Armchair traveling in Scotland - another friend's blog

Swan-Scot is an online friend of mine from Bookcrossing. She likes to hike the mountains in her homeland, and everywhere she goes, and leave books at the summits for others to find (Bookcrossing). If you want to read of her adventures, and see some lovely photos of the Scottish highlands, click here: Rambling On

Saturday, September 4, 2010


The seasons are changing. Even down here in lower Alabama, USA, we had a bit of a cold front. It was very pleasant! The temperature was 79 deg. Fahrenheit this morning when I was out and about (about 9:20 am), and by noon it was only up to 89, and there was still a nice breeze, and it was not stifling hot! A preview of cooler days to come, but I know we will see hot weather again before autumn comes.

My mother had a very bad fall about three weeks ago, and was in the hospital about a week, and now is home with me and my husband while she recovers. She is longing to return to her home and resume her normal activities. She fell hard on her driveway, which is paved with cement, and broke the bones around her right eye socket, and a bone in her right hand. It really set her back, but she has come a long way since she left the hospital. She is walking (with a cane now) more and more every day, and working with a physical therapist and an occupational therapist as part of Home Health Care. She is 96 years old, almost 97!