Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 in pictures

I got this idea from my friends Phelan and Madame_Urushiol

Blowing out the candles
Older granddaughter's third birthday

Daphne Sculpture Park - Dancing
I took several photos of a local sculpture park. This is my favorite.

Through the screen
Spring's coming!

Flowering the Cross, Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday service at our church

Grading the road and shoulder
Road construction to widen the highway in front of our house was finally completed this year! It began two years ago.

Rose Window
My mother's church, the church where my husband and I were married, underwent extensive repair and refurbishing. The rededication service was held on June 12.

To have and to hold
Older son's wedding!

Night-blooming Cereus
A month of changes: my mother entered a nursing home, never to return to her home; we acquired a kitten to bring us joy and take our minds off our problems, and our night-blooming cereus bloomed for the first time in eight years

Tommy's new tractor
Husband's new tractor, replaced by insurance after a fire destroyed his old one

Our newest kitten

Hey! This is good!
Younger granddaughter's first birthday!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Help, please?

Does anyone know how to get my header photo centered? It's way over on the left. I am not a techie sort of person, so very simple directions would be most helpful.
Thank you in advance.

Christmas cold (sneezing, sniffling)

I must have caught our granddaughter's cold, or else it's an allergy. Hard to tell at this point. I do not have fever, and I do not feel bad, just a little tired. I have been coughing, sneezing, and sniffling, but so far all is clear.
In any case, I'm staying away from my mother. Husband has been to see her a couple of times, to take her her mail that came here - Christmas and belated birthday cards - and to bring me her dirty laundry. (The home will do her laundry, but she has sensitive skin, and itches, so I wash it in "Free and Clear" type detergent.

We had a party for all the ESL (English as a Second Language) students and teachers here tonight, so even though I would have liked to lounge around all day, I dusted and washed and got things ready. I made snickerdoodle cookies and roasted pecans the other day, and today I got plates, bowls, etc. ready for everything. My student who works at a BBQ restaurant brought some pulled pork and sauce, and another student brought marinated chicken wings. I also served chips with salsa and cheese dip, peanuts, and satsumas, and Coke and coffee to drink. I also had hot water available, and tea bags and hot chocolate mix. It was too hot for hot drinks, though.
We gave satsumas away for people to take home. We exchanged gifts, but didn't open them, as not everyone had one or brought one. One of the other teachers brought sugar cookie dough and the makings to decorate them, so we baked and decorated after we ate. Most of us were too full to eat them, so they took those cookies home, too.

It was a nice evening, and we all had a good time. I think I'll go to bed early

Friday, December 16, 2011

Mother's birthday

My son, d-i-l, and the two little granddaughters came to town to celebrate Nana's (my mother) 98th birthday at the nursing home. I reserved a table for all of us and bought a cake and had a message iced on it.
Mother's birthday cake

I got some cute little Christmas dresses for the girls. Such fun! They're red and white, so could be used for Valentine's Day, too.
Christmas dresses

They won't be here for Christmas; they will be going to her parents for the 25th, and our other son and his new wife will be going to her parents then, too. They were here for Thanksgiving. She hasn't been back to Texas since the wedding in July.

Unfortunately, both the girls got sick the day before Nana's birthday. The older one was coughing and had fever, and the baby was throwing up. Not fun for anyone. :-( :-(

We called our friends to pinch-hit, and they were able to join us for lunch with Mother. She had a very nice birthday, and was delighted with everything. She was sympathetic about the children, and fully understood why they couldn't come. I had wondered how much she would be able to understand. I never know how I'll find her from day to day.
The cake was pretty and delicious, and the meal was good, too. We had our choice of turkey or pork chops. Mother ate all her dinner, including the brownie that came with it, plus a big piece of cake! She ate every crumb! (Usually she has a very small appetite.)
The staff gathered around and sang Happy Birthday to Mother! That was so nice! She got pajamas, a cozy throw, and a Wedgwood cross (Christmas ornament), and also a bag was in her room and she couldn't tell me who it was from. All she said was "Freeman the hot dog people." (?) It contained a pair of slip-proof socks, a box of Puffs tissues, a chapstick, and a Grandma's cookie! Useful, practical, and delightful! No card.

We had a nice visit afterwards, just the two of us, but she was soon tired and wanted to lie down, so I left and told the nurse on my way out that she was ready for bed.

My son and his family arrived home safely, and today the girls were better. The fever and the nausea had gone, and the coughing had diminished. I hope they stay well!

(My hands were so full - cake, a bag of gifts, Mother's clean clothes that I had washed - that I forgot to take my camera!) Here is a picture from Thanksgiving dinner, with our older son and his bride:

Thanksgiving Dinner

and here is a picture of the portrait of the girls over the fireplace in their home:

Picture of a portrait

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Does anyone remember Nononono?

That was last month, too. I am behind a little --- well, actually a lot!

Hubby and me laughing
Hubby and me at the marina - our son took this picture.

Laughing in the sun
Older son and bride at the marina

Stripes and shadows
Shadows on sailboat at Fairhope Pier marina

Sailboats at marina
Sailboats all in a row

Reflections at marina
Reflections in water

Sunset at Bayfront Park, Daphne 10/30/11
Sunset at Bayfront Park

Sunset at Bayfront Park, Daphne 10/30/11
Three friends at Bayfront Park

Fall Festival - Trunk or Treat - Under the Sea
Fall Festival Trunk or Treat ~ Under the Sea

Fall Festival, Eastern Shore Baptist Church - salvation bead bracelets
Fall Festival Trunk or Treat ~ Craft table

Blowing in the wind
Flags flying

The day after Thanksgiving (which we celebrated with Mother at the nursing home - a delicious dinner and a good visit with her and our older son and his bride, and my husband and me) we visited with our daughter-in-law's relatives. Her mother and grandparents had come to visit these relatives, and it was a good chance for all of us to get together. It's an interesting place - a family "compound" with the homes of several family members all together. For parties and large gatherings, they have a "party house", and a large playground with lots of equipment that children love, a deck for enjoying the view of the pond and to fish, an "outhouse" that has all modern facilities, and a real caboose used as a guesthouse! Fascinating place! Interesting people!

If mama ain't happy ...
Sign seen in a family's "party room"

Spotted dog
Dog at the family compound

Full sized knight in the corner
Knight in shining armor at the family compound "party house"

A home in south Alabama
One of the homes in the family "compound"

Sit a spell
Cabin with a pond view

The pond

Caboose guesthouse
A real caboose used as a guesthouse!

The caboose is a guesthouse
Inside the caboose guesthouse

Some things at my mother's house, before we begin dispensing and selling them. I wanted to get pictures of how her house looked when she was living there.

Pictures of pictures, Fancy Horse through the ages
A collection of photos of me, from baby through late middle age

Granddaddy and Grandmother, Mother's parents
Mother's parents

Mother when she was young, probably about 1928
Mother when she was young

Daddy and Mother, wedding, 1940
Mother and Daddy around the time of their wedding

Daddy, app.  1980
My daddy, a few years before he died

Her bedroom
Mother's bedroom

South end of kitchen
Her kitchen

Dining room buffet
Dining room

Enough toilet paper?
What is it with little old ladies and toilet paper? Enough to roll the block!

Mother and me, app. 2003
Mother and me, about 8 years ago (beauty shop day!)

Pictures from our trip to Birmingham, Ala.
Don't drink and drive!
Don't drink and drive!

Diplomat Deli entrance
Diplomat Deli entrance at night, through windshield

Baby's birthday pics
Hey! This is good!
Birthday Cake!

The Story-teller
Son reading to children and one of the mommies

Little Cupcake

Big sister
Big sister

Owl cupcakes!
Owl Cupcakes
For the baby's first birthday, daughter-in-law made Rice Krispie treat cupcakes and decorated them, with older granddaughter's help.


Trees and sunshine
Tree in sunlight

Kitten pics
(Hubby actually took this; my camera was in the car's glove compartment, at the dealer for maintenance checkup)

Hanging out both ends

Ghost paws