Monday, March 28, 2011

Emails to my Sunday School class

Several weeks ago, I began to consider my role as chairman of the Prayer Committee in my Sunday school class. Every week, we begin class with announcements and prayer requests. We all try to make note of them, so we can pray for them during the week.

It occurred to me (I think the Lord put that thought in my head) that it might be helpful to email the information, for those who may have come in late and for absentees. Many class members have thanked me, not only absentees and late-comers, but also those were there and couldn't hear everything, or couldn't write fast enough to get it all.

Recently, I have begun adding free, royalty-free clip art to illustrate the announcements and add a little humor. It's easy to find just by googling. Here is the latest email (names have been changed, for privacy)

sonflower cluster Sonflower Class Announcements and Prayer requests


Discipleship University tonight, 5:00pm, Three electives: Experiencing God, Unveiling Islam, Men's Fraternity professor

Flowers of the Son film - Nell has ordered it from Jews for Jesus. It is a 30-minute film about Jewish evangelism in Israel. Kathy has graciously offered her home for viewing. Date and time to be announced.

Flowering of the Cross on Easter Sunday morning. Bring fresh or artificial flowers and meet at 8:00am. Light refreshments will be served after, thanks to Mary.
flower cross

Many thanks to all who helped redecorate our classroom! There were many compliments this morning! painting

Christmas party in early December, Gwen has a friend who has a catering business. She can serve us at her facility for $13.00 per person.

Daniel Crews will sing for our morning worship next Sunday, April 3rd, and present a concert for the evening service, 6:00pm, which will include a mass multi-church choir. A special offering will be taken. choir

Youth Ministry Yard Sale April 9 7:00am-12:00noon. Bring gently used household items (no clothing) to the Youth Ministry Bldg on April 7 and 8 from 1:00-6:00pm. Call Dan for pickup of heavy and bulky items.
Free Picture of a Yard Sale. Click Here to Get Free Images at Clipart

New Wednesday night schedule: Family supper at 5:15pm. Prayer meeting, Bible studies, and Children's Choir at 6:00pm. Begins this Wednesday, March 30.


Line dancing class this Thursday, March 31 at 10:00am, in the Activity Bldg.

SBC relief for Japan: Make check to the church and indicate "Japan" on the memo line, place in offering plate or bring to church office.

Praises and Prayer Requests: praying hands

(As you know, I like to illustrate things!)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I have been spending a lot of time on Facebook the last week or so. One of my old friends started a group for my elementary school class, and people have been posting class pictures, and everyone's been trying to identify them, and remembering funny things that happened back then. It's been a blast! I just wish we could find more of our old classmates and get them to join the fun.

My husband had a shed built in the backyard, to store his lawnmower and tractor and some gardening supplies. It's huge! I'll post pictures after we get it painted. Right now it's blue, because of the color of the treated lumber.
If you're really curious, you can click on the link to Flickr on the left side and see them.
His old shed, which was here when we bought the house eight years ago, burned down in a fire last November. He had been mowing the yard for the last time before winter, and the lawnmower backfired when he drove it into the old shed. It ignited a bag of pinestraw. It was an enormous fire! No one was hurt, and nothing else burned except the shed and the equipment and supplies in it, including the lawnmower. My husband got out of the way, turned a hose on the fire, and called the fire department.
I was in Mobile; my mother was in the hospital with pneumonia at the time.

ETA: I see I had blogged about the fire here, Long Long Week

Friday, March 11, 2011

Seven Things about me

I've been asked by Phelan at A Homesteading Neophyte to do this meme:

First I am to tell you 7 things about me that you might not know. After this long, what don't you know?

1. I was adopted as an infant, and at age 50 I searched for my birthfamily. I talked to my aunt over the phone, but they didn't want any more contact than that. Fine with me, I got a lot of questions answered.

2. I love to read and am a member of I believe there's a link on my sidebar, so you already know that. Oops!

3. I like to collect folk art from different countries. I have a Russian matrushka doll set, a Swedish Dala horse, and a miniature decorated carreta (oxcart) from Costa Rica.

4. We moved away from our sons after they grew up, in the same state, but a different city than either of them.

5. Once upon a time I wanted to learn how to play the violin. One problem: I can't carry a tune in a bucket and am completely tone deaf! I still like to listen to music, though.

6. My degree was in Sociology, but I worked as a child care-giver most of my working life.

7. I was a Girl Scout and loved going to camp every summer, even in my teens, and was a counselor one summer.

Now the second part is I am to assign this meme to 15 other bloggers. Fifteen! I'm not very good about choosing, but I will invite anyone who's reading this to do it, too. Go ahead, it will be fun!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Someone's Praying for Me

The title of this entry is one of my favorite hymns.
Ricky Skaggs on YouTube
I just learned it a few years ago, and it has meant so much. In fact, it was true for us in 2007 when we had this accident. It was before I started this blog, and I have never written here about it. I felt like I should do that now, for a couple of reasons.
Our new pastor was involved in a serious accident before coming to our church, and everyone miraculously survived. A friend of ours, a brother in our church, miraculously escaped permanent paralysis when his epidural failed last Wednesday. He and his wife were in church this morning!

We left for a vacation on a bright, clear, sunny beautiful mid-October day just after lunch, pulling our trailer, headed for north Alabama to enjoy the colorful fall foliage and relaxed time with family members. Two hours later, we were wobbling and swaying all over the interstate, and didn't know why. Finally, we made a big lurch from the right lane to the median, then back again, off the shoulder on the right side. I closed my eyes and began praying, so I wasn't exactly sure what happened. I saw a flash of light, then darkness (with my eyes still closed), and when we came to a stop, I had a lot of pain in my neck and the side of my head.
I got out of the Suburban anyway, and my husband followed. He couldn't get out on the driver's side. He told me that the trailer had turned over on its side, and pulled the Suburban completely over upside down, then right again. This was verified by witnesses who stopped to see if they could help. They are the ones who called for emergency aid. The man advised me to stay in the truck and not walk around, since my head and neck were hurting.
Here is where the prayer comes in. Some members of our church, friends of ours "just happened" to be driving on the other side of the interstate in the opposite direction when they saw the wrecked vehicles. They thought they looked like our truck and trailer but weren't sure. They decided to call a mutual friend, who told them we were on our way to Montgomery and Birmingham. They relayed the information to other church members, and a prayer chain was started, and Wednesday night prayer meeting was that night! My husband's friend called him while we were waiting for the state trooper and the ambulance!

Here is the miracle part. I was taken to a small, country town hospital with kind and well-intentioned staff, but insufficient equipment. Their X-ray machine was inadequate, and they couldn't even give me a neck brace. (My husband bought me a soft cervical collar at the local Walgreen's.) They released me and told me to be careful and see a doctor in my hometown as soon as possible. After a bumpy ride in the state trooper's car to a motel, and lying down on a bed there, the next morning our friends came to take us home, a two-hour drive with me holding my head to keep it from swaying and bouncing, as that made it hurt. I slept, or tried to sleep, in my bed at home until three days later when I had a CT scan. It hurt a lot to lie down and get up. When I had the CT scan, they let my lie down by myself, but they would not let me get up on my own. They pulled me to a sitting position with the sheet that was under me. The technician couldn't tell me what she found, but she did tell me to sleep in a recliner with my head supported.
Six days after the accident, I learned that I had a double fracture in my C-1 vertebra - the top one, closest to my skull. A SOMI neck brace was ordered for me, and I began wearing it eight days after the accident, and wore it night and day for three months. Eight days with a broken neck and no support! I know it was God Who preserved me from further injury and possible death or paralysis. I am deeply grateful; words cannot express.

Suburban and trailer after wreck

SOMI neck brace, close up

That was almost three and half years ago, and I am well and healthy! Praise God!

(All photos were taken by my husband.)