Friday, August 26, 2011

New kitten!

New kitten!, originally uploaded by Fancy Horse.

A kitten came to live at our house a couple of weeks ago! Two little girls from the neighborhood rang our doorbell, holding this. Neither of them could keep it, and they didn't know who it belonged to.

I called the vet down the road the next day, and no one had reported a missing kitten, and there were no signs about it.

It's a little boy, and we are calling him Woody. Here's a video of him playing with our older cat, Spite. (I hope it will work here.)

Woody's Antics

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Answered Prayer

My mother went through some rough days at the nursing/rehab home. Some of the workers have been less than gentle, "rough" in her opinion. Of course, she's very sore and sensitive from her injuries, and everything hurts. I really don't think that the workers want to hurt her, but some of them have been more gentle than others. Last week, Mother and I had a meeting with the social worker, the head nurse, the therapist, and someone else, another nurse. It was a planned "Care Plan" meeting, but she was able to tell the head nurse that some of the workers are more gentle than others, and the head nurse said she would conduct additional training; all of them need to be gentle!
At one point, Mother was so unhappy that she wanted to move to another facility, and I had begun looking into it. I got some first-hand accounts from friends and acquaintances who have had relatives there, and I began the process of faxing paperwork from one to the other.
Meanwhile I prayed that God would send Mother's guardian angel to protect her from rough treatment.

I had not heard from the "new" place about the status of Mother's admission, so I called and learned that the social worker at her current place had not faxed all the information yet. They have been talking with her, so I decided to leave it alone one more day. Today, I was planning to call and see what the holdup was.
When I went to see Mother, we had a long talk. Mother is much happier there now; she has "an understanding" with the workers, especially one who had been particularly "rough," and now she wants to stay!
I hope it lasts. I think it would be better on her to stay where she is settled. Moving would require some upheaval and changes in routine and surroundings and people, and might trigger confusion.
I think this is an answer to my prayer! I hope some of you will join me in praying for her comfort and peace of mind. Thank you.

Friday, August 19, 2011

"London is Burning"

I have been contributing to Jews for Jesus for a number of years and get their newsletter, and also RealTime, their online newsletter, by email.

In this month's RealTime, there is an article by David Brickner, Jews for Jesus Executive Director. London Is Burning

Here are the last three paragraphs, but it is worth reading the entire article:

"You have heard the maxim of fighting fire with fire. London may be burning today, but if a passion for souls burns in the hearts of God's people, we can rise up with a response to the unrest we see around us—wherever it may crop up. It is only through the Prince of Peace that people's needs can be met today, including those facing the unrest and chaos visiting England at this time.

I am more convinced than ever that the gospel provides the solutions to the most perplexing problems of our day ... and the days to come. And until He comes again I am privileged to proclaim the message of His gospel, side by side with our Jews for Jesus family here in England and all around the world.

Let's pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Britain, that the current crisis will spark a revival of renewal in the proclamation of the gospel. May God's people burn brightly with a holy fire for this lost and dying world—and may many be saved and Jesus be worshiped as the Lord and Savior He truly is."

Quoted with permission from Ruth Rosen, editor of RealTime

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sorry I've been AWOL - we're having some problems

Our son's wedding was lovely, and I will write about it tomorrow, I hope.

We had a delightful visit with some Bookcrossing friends I had never met before on Sunday, and drove down scenic country roads through the Hill Country to my cousin's home, where we were having a wonderful time, spent the night, and we had taken them to lunch Tuesday. We were just about to start dessert (homemade lemon chess pie) when my phone rang. It was my mother's rector (minister in the Episcopal church). I knew that couldn't be good; he has never called me to chat.

Mother fell in her living room, and managed to reach the phone and call her church. Her rector had come to the house and was there with her when he called. She was taken to the hospital, and has a fractured wrist and hip.

That was nine days ago, and she is still at the hospital, not doing well. I go to be with her every day, and spend most of the day, then go by her house and take the mail and newspaper inside, water the plants, and check the refrigerator, etc. I've brought her laundry home to wash, and am paying her bills. (She wisely put my name on her account several years ago.)

She is not eating. I try to feed her, and some days she eats a few bites, and some days she only takes a few sips of Ensure or a high-protein "shake," water, and tea. She is due to go to a rehabilitation facility tomorrow. I think the dr. is optimistic, but we'll see.

I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers, for her, for me, and for my husband. Thank you.
Friday - /better news today!

Mother was moved to the rehab facility late this afternoon, and ate almost all her supper, by herself! She seems content, and I hope she will be happy while she is there.

I couldn't post last night, so saved the entry as a draft. I hope I can post tonight.
Couldn't post last Friday, either. Will try again, but if unsuccessful, I will make a new blog, and hope it will work for me.

Mother continues progressing at the rehab center. I have a meeting with the social services director tomorrow, sort of like a parent-teacher meeting, I guess! I had to write her name on all her clothes, like she was going off to camp!