Saturday, June 25, 2011


Why do I get so many responses from "Anonymous" talking about unlocking cell phones and iphones? So many! Is it some kind of code? They come in my email, but don't show up in the blog. I just don't understand! Does anyone else get them?

Friday, June 24, 2011

High school reunion

The "Southern Belle", originally uploaded by Fancy Horse.

My husband's 48th high school mini-reunion took place on a 3-hour Sunset Cruise on a local river.
I went to the same high school, just one year behind Tommy, so I knew some of his classmates.
It was a lovely cruise - just one brief shower of rain, but plenty of seats inside. We cruised past Bellingrath Gardens, and some beautiful homes on the river. Saw some wildlife, including a nesting osprey, and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset over the water!
Guess who???
Before boarding the riverboat, and before I squirted tomato juice down my shirt, from a crabmeat-stuffed cherry tomato!
Bellingrath dock
The dock at Bellingrath Gardens
Bellingrath Home
Bellingrath Home
Husband taking video
Tommy made a video of the cruise.
Large columned house across river
One of the beautiful homes
A white house with a nice porch
Another pretty place
Reflections on Fowl River
Trees and reflections
Osprey nest! Mom on the nest; Dad was flying around, circling the nest - hunting, or guarding? (He was flying too fast for me to photograph.)
Nesting Osprey!
Sunset on the River
Sunset river cruise

Everyone brought finger food hors d'oevres to share, and some homemade gumbo, too (delicious!). We were almost too full to appreciate the restaurant meal afterwards, but still had room for dessert! (Blackberry cobbler, included with the meal of boiled shrimp, potatoes and Conecuh sausage)

At Aunt B's Restaurant and Country Store
At Aunt B's Restaurant and Country Store, Theodore, Alabama