Saturday, March 31, 2012

Photo Friday ~ Fleeting

A day at the park The passage of time - fleeting moments

Monday, March 26, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Photo Friday - Unwind

Beach holiday, originally uploaded by Fancy Horse.

To me, the beach is a place to rest, relax, and unwind. Even the anticipation of a beach trip can start the unwinding process, with sand castles in the air!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mother's House

We are in the process of removing everything from the house where I grew up. It seems so strange to go through Mother's drawers and closets, taking away all the things she cherished, (and things she must have forgotten she had), keeping some, giving some to our children, other family, friends, and donating the rest to charity thriftshops. It leaves me feeling sad, melancholic, and sometimes smiling over forgotten incidents connected with some items. Tomorrow, we'll move the furniture, and then the house will be bare, empty, strange. I dread tomorrow. As long as the furniture has been there, it has looked pretty much as it was when Mother was there. But with the furniture gone, it will be so ... final. Living room This is how it looked before I started taking anything away. Remember me next time? Three years ago - Mother in her favorite chair, playing with the first great-granddaughter.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tiny treasures from my mother's house

Green squirrels and Pretty lady My husband found them in the garage, each carefully wrapped in tissue paper and packed together in an old cardboard box. They were small planters made to look like animals, birds, or in one case, a beautiful woman. I remember seeing them around the house when I was a child, but I never thought much about them after Mother stored them away. I wonder if she thought she would ever get them out and use them again, or if not, why didn't she get rid of them? Bird and Swan Parakeets and Large swan I think I'll keep the parakeets and the lady, ... and maybe the large white swan. Unfortunately, the green squirrels one is severely cracked. We haven't been over there this week, been busy doing banking business. Death certificate, letters testimentary, all that. I want to get back, take the clothes I pulled out of the closet to the thrift shop, and see what else I can find in the house.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Photo Friday ~ Blaze

Fire #1, originally uploaded by Fancy Horse.

A controlled fire in our backyard. Very impressive, though!

Simple things

The simplest things trigger lost memories. First, a drawer liner. Mother had used the paper out of a then-new shirt that my Daddy had bought, to line a desk drawer. Simon's Hat Shop Harold Simon owned Simon's Hat Shop, and he and his wife Rose were friends and business associates of my parents. After Rose died, his second wife, Amelia, became our good friend, too. I grew up calling them "Uncle Harold and Aunt Amelia" even though they weren't actually kin. They were very generous, and enjoyed buying me presents for Christmas and my birthday. I don't remember this incident, but Mother has told me about it: when I was a very little girl, we were all together at a store, and Uncle Harold asked which doll I would like for him to buy me. I pointed to the top shelf, where the biggest, most expensive dolls were! Mother was mortified! Uncle Harold and Aunt Amelia bought a brand new Cadillac every year, trading in last year's model for the new one. They lived in an upstairs garage apartment. When it was torn down to make a parking lot, they moved to the Battle House Hotel. It was the first time I had ever heard of people living in a hotel full time. (The Eloise books hadn't come out yet then.) Second, Mother's face powder: Coty Airspun face powder Airspun, by Coty. It's scent will always remind me of my mother, dressed up to go out, even if only to the grocery store. The appraisor came today, to make an appraisal for tax purposes. Everything in the house, all together, is worth maybe as much as $2400.00. He will send a letter with more specific information in a few days. This little writing desk and chair is representative of the Arts and Crafts movement. It doesn't have a name though, and was probably made in a factory. He advised that we clean it, but not try to refinish it. It has a sort of leafy, flowery design in it, and carved on the two drawer fronts are the words, "Look Into Thine Heart and Write." It was given to my mother by her grandparents when she was a teenager, for her to do her homework. She lived with her grandparents then; the Great Depression made it hard for her parents to support all three children. Desk and chair

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Google and privacy?

We know that Google owns Blogger. This is something to think about. This information was given through our local news station tonight:

"Google is doing something never before done in history.

On Thurday, all of the data recorded from its users, on all of its products like Gmail and YouTube, will filter into one massive account.

While Google is consolidating all of your accounts, it's also allowing you to turn off the tracking switch.

Here is how:

First log on to your google account.
Click on account settings, then click on products and sign into your dashboard. Dashboard lets you see everything Google knows about you and manage all of your different products.
You can view and edit the information, or delete it all together.
To keep Google from recording your online footprints, scroll down to web history and click the "remove items or clear web history" link. This will give you the option to remove your web history and pause the tracking altogether.
You can also click on this link for step by step directions on how to turn off Google tracking: How to Remove Your Google Web History

Google notes that by disabling your web history, your online information will be removed and will not be used to improve your search experience. Something to think about as the world looks more to connect to the world wide web."

I'm going to take a look at my Dashboard right now.

More memories

We cleaned out one closet yesterday! Hallelujah, only three more to go, plus all the chests, three kitchen cabinets, ...

Of course it takes longer when I take time to study and reminisce about each item.

Ordinary yardsticks, freebies from a paint company
When I was a naughty little girl, Mother paddled me with a yardstick. Once I was so naughty I broke it -- half a yardstick hurts a lot more than a whole one! I see she had plenty of spares!

Fancy Horse's first horse
Fancy Horse's first horse!
In front of a doll trunk, used for storage of many childish "treasures."

Madame Alexander dolls
Madame Alexander dolls
Madame Alexander dolls
One is a bride, one is Little Red Riding Hood. I don't know the others. I don't know how old they are, or where Mother got them. I know I was never allowed to play with them. She got them out and showed them to me a few times, then carefully put them away. Sadly, they couldn't look worse now than if I had played with them. In fact, the dolls I did play with look better.
They were on the top shelf of a closet, in a sturdy cardboard box (which shows no signs of damage), then wrapped in two plastic bags and tied with a twist-tie.