Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blogger compaint

I wanted to change my picture for Thanksgiving. I don't like the way this turned out. The picture is too small. I re-sized it all I could without distorting the image. ************ Editing: Thanks to Virginia's encouragement, I'm happier now! I posted the photo in full size, and it's a little larger than I wanted, but I'll take it. I also changed to Simple template.


Virginia said...

I see your problem but you have a different template than I do. I have an old standard one and they jazzed everything up and well you know.......

I export my photos full res so then I can hit XL on the post photos and make them larger. My header is sized to fit I think.

Thanks for your nice visits to BADP!

FancyHorse said...

Thank you, Virginia. I'll try full size and see what happens.

I would go to standard templates, but it said if I did I wouldn't have access to template designer, and I was afraid I couldn't go back if I didn't like it.

Martin LaBar said...

It shows up well.