Friday, March 8, 2013


Our decision to move to be closer to our grandchildren is final, and we have finally agreed on the house we want. Ironically, it is the very first house we looked at when we were beginning to think about moving! We looked at several others that were newer and more glamorous than this one, but ruled them out for one reason or another: too far away from our son's house, too many steps for our aging backs and knees, not enough room inside or outside, one we really liked was taken off the market, one was beautiful but structurally unsound.

This one is not especially beautiful outside, but is very nice inside and fits all our needs. I can envision where we will place our furniture, and where the grandchildren will play!

So, the process will begin very soon. I have already begun throwing away old magazines and papers (or recycling), giving away books I will never read or read again, giving unwanted items to thrift stores. We may or may not have a garage sale, probably not.

We'll miss our friends and our church here, but I'm sure we'll be happy there once we get settled in.

Update: Closing date is set for April 29!


Martin LaBar said...

Ah. Azaleas!

God's best through this process.

FancyHorse said...

Thank you, Martin.

Wren said...

I just saw this. I'm glad you found something you liked. When will this take place and when will there be pictures?

FancyHorse said...

Wren, we will meet with the realtor and make an offer this weekend. We hope to be able to close before the end of April. The family has moved already, but they are letting a nephew stay there, I guess to keep the house occupied and to give hime a place to live. They will have a lot of furniture etc to move out.

After it's ours I will show pics; I don't like to put other people's personal things on the net.

Captivated Reader said...

Good luck with your move!! It's nice to be near family, even moving can be a daunting/stressful event at times.

The Azaleas are beautiful.... The hot pink.fruit punch color is beautiful.

Martin LaBar said...

You asked about using something I posted today. By all means, do so.