Saturday, July 13, 2013

More family news

Our little grandson was born July 4, he is dear and sweet and precious. He had to spend a week in the hospital due to congestion in his lungs right after birth and an episode of apnea two days later. He's fine now, and much loved by his parents, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousin.

My husband made a return trip to our "old" house and came back with a truck and flatbed trailer full! He says we need to make one more trip.

Fortunately for us and for our friends, we were able to offer our house for them to live in while they build, as their current house sold much faster than they anticipated. We didn't want to put ours on the market until we had emptied it, and now we know it will be lived in and taken care of.

My aunt has been ailing. She apparently had a stroke and was unable to put any weight on her legs. With therapy at a rehab center, she has improved greatly and called me this morning! She sounded good, and is hopeful about returning home!

Our older son and his wife came to visit today. We spent the afternoon with younger son and his family (the one with the new baby). Then we came home and swam in our pool for the first time! We had a new liner put in and converted it to a salt water pool a couple of weeks ago.