Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas to all!

It feels like we had Christmas already, Saturday the 21st when our son and d-i-l from out of town came down, and our son here and his wife and three small children came over. We had a big dinner together: ham, sweet potatoes, rolls, and one d-i-l prepared roasted cauliflower and Brussels sprouts and the other prepared corn casserole. We had non-alcoholic sparkling cider to drink, and banana pudding, chocolate cake, and cookies for dessert.

First Christmas

Early Christmas

After dinner, we exchanged gifts. My gifts were a big hit; I think everyone was delighted, and of course that meant I was delighted too! Almost six-year-old granddaughter got a Sorry game and a joke book; three-year-old got a Princess play set (generic princesses, not Disney), baby grandson got a set of three vehicles, car, train and boat. One d-i-l got a whimsical owl clock for their playroom, where she already had a decal mural of a woodland scene, and the other d-i-l, who is from Texas, got a large Texas star to put on her wall. I think she was the most thrilled; it will be interesting to see where she decides to hang it!

Husband was in charge of our sons' presents. One got an electric tool, a drill or something (I'm very vague about tools), and the other rejected all our suggestions, and we couldn't think of anything, so he got cash.

My son's gift to me was a very special and thoughtful one. I have a small collection of little cat figurines, and have tried to match them to individual cats. A black cat cut-out with a votive candle for Shadow; a clear glass cat for Crystal, a wooden cat for Woody. (Of course, not all our cats' names lend themselves to a figurine.) I have long been keeping my eye out for a frosted glass cat for Frosty, and son found one! However, at home he noticed that it was clear, not frosted. So he found out how to "frost" glass, and did it for me!

Frosted cat, "Frosty"

Oh, and husband gave me a small gift even though I had shown him a long list of all the new and new-to-us things we had bought for our house since moving in - rugs, buffet table and lamps, framing of pictures, etc, etc, etc. He gave me a plastic duck call from Duck Commander! The girls had a ball with it!

The children played, ate M&Ms, and we halfway watched a Christmas movie on TV. (I don't even remember which one.)

Sunday morning, out of town "kids" went to church with us, and we were all going to eat together at a Mexican restaurant. They (son and family in town) never showed up, and finally called. They were at the other one of the same name, a small, local chain! So, each group stayed where we were after all.

It rained all day Sunday; we got over 5 inches before it was over. Son and d-i-l left shortly after lunch, and husband and I just relaxed with books and movies, coffee and comfortable clothes the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Today, we drove about 2-2 1/2 hours to visit my aunt, my father's sister-in-law and one of the only two left to either of us from our parents' generation. She is not doing well, is completely dependent on friends and housekeepers/sitters. She remains cheerful, though, and still has her mind, and we had a good visit! Afterward we took our friends (the ones who take care of her) out to eat and to see their daughter at work. We hadn't seen the daughter in a long time; she's always been at work when we've visited before.

Tomorrow, I'll catch up on laundry, taking out garbage, and vacuuming and cleaning the house again, and visit some neighbors. We'll wait until next week, maybe after my birthday to take down the Christmas decorations.


Martin LaBar said...

Blessed Christmas to all of you.

That's a good-looking nativity scene.

maedeans said...

Happy 2014 to you and your family!