Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We have moved in!

It was a little harrowing the first day; I got stuck in a collapsed aluminum folding lawn chair, inside the sunroom. I had left a door unlocked, so when the movers arrived about a half hour later, they were able to come in and help me up. I was all right, nothing hurt but my pride!

Husband followed the movers in his pickup truck, but it overheated and a three hour drive took ten! It was better after he stopped for supper, and the sun went down, and he and the truck had a chance to cool off.

But, all turned out all right all right, we're here now and getting our pictures and knick-knacks arranged just how we want them.
We splurged on a major purchase this afternoon. An oriental rug shop nearby is having a sale and we went in "just to look around." Well, we both fell in love with a Chinese Aubusson rug with colors and patterns that go perfectly with our living room furniture. We did get a good price on it, but it was way more than we had planned to spend this afternoon!

Living room with new rug

New living room rug!