Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer's ending

It's already beginning to feel a little less hot, a little less oppressive. We can sit outside with our coffee in the mornings, and it's pleasant. In the evenings, a little breeze stirs up, tinkling the wind chimes and refreshing our faces and necks.

I'm hoping we'll be able to use our pool again before it's too late. The filter pump broke and it's been in the shop a week. Husband decided to buy a new one so we'll have a spare and won't have this layover again, but he forgot that the adapter is still on the old one, at the shop! Meanwhile, the water has turned completely green again, dark green. Not bad for a reflecting pond, but not what we want in a swimming pool! It didn't take long to turn, it was amazing.
We miss it, we did enjoy it in the late afternoon, after the sun went behind the house. Then we didn't have to bother with sunscreen. The pool exercises for arthritis were helping my knees, the "noodles" are helpful and fun; it's fun to just sit on one and float all over the pool, too!
Daughter-in-law (the new mother) hasn't yet been able to use the pool; she was "out of commission" for a few weeks after childbirth, then it rained hard every day for awhile, and now the filter pump's broken. Frustrating! The children have only been swimming twice. I hope we'll be using it more next summer. The baby will be one year old and we all can enjoy it together then!

The older girl has started kindergarten, and loves it. She's happy with her teacher and with her classmates, and enjoys learning new songs and games and all the activities. She looks so grown up in her uniform! And she wears glasses at school, but not at home. I've seen pictures of her with her glasses, and she modeled them for me. I told her they look good on her; she looks very smart, and she said, "Why, thank you!"
The two-year-old is a happy child. She loves kissing her baby brother and playing with her sister. She misses her sister on school days, and says she's going to school, too! I think she's referring to KinderMusik, which she loves.

We're gradually getting more active in church. We're in Sunday school and "Forever Young" (the senior adult fellowship group), and attending a Bible study on the Book of Revelation. Very deep and interesting!

We are having a little flurry of doctor and dentist appointments, getting established with new ones here. Bought tickets for a Labor Day jazz fest, looking forward to that! Also, we'll probably attend a patriotic festival and fireworks later that day, postponed from the Fourth of July as it was raining that day (and it was also the day our grandson was born).

We had visitors today. Husband's brother and sister-in-law stopped by on their way home from the beach. (They live north of here, and the beach is south of here.) We had lunch with them, and then went to the park and spent time with our children and grandchildren, so they got to see them, too. It was a nice afternoon! I hope they'll come back when they can stay longer!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Beginning to settle in

We're making progress but had/are having a minor setback; Saturday evening we came home and I turned on the kitchen light, but it popped and blew out! Not just a light bulb; both ceiling lights and fans in the kitchen and breakfast room were out. Husband checked the circuit breakers by flashlight, and they were fine. He's been working on it every day since then, and has finally decided he needs to call an electrician. At least we do have our appliances, so I can cook, make coffee, etc. We've moved lamps into the affected rooms, and a fan, so we're not miserable, just inconvenienced.

We brought two blue Lazyboy chairs when we moved, and have added a chocolate brown loveseat and a multi-colored area rug, with large flowers of brown, red, and blue, with green leaves on a tan background. It pulls in the blue and brown of the furniture, and brightens up the dark wood floor. The cats like it too! (That's very important, you know.) I do want to get drapes for the large window and French door on either side of the fireplace, but that can wait.

Taking a breakCats testing new rug

The children and grandchildren have been over to swim, and we've swum without them, too. I copied some pool exercises for arthritis from the internet, and looking forward to doing them. We bought "noodles" (brightly colored flexible foam long noodle-shaped pool toys) that I will use for some of my exercises. One of them; the other one is husband's, for fun!

We joined a church, the one our children belong to. It's a little further away than others, but it'll be more convenient to go where the kids go, and be there for their special times. This past weekend they had a note-burning ceremony, in appreciation and celebration that all the buildings are completely paid for! Saturday night was a hamburger supper, a balloon release,  and a musical program. Sunday morning the Sunday school classes had refreshments before the lesson (I took biscuits, and was very glad that my oven was working!), and a very meaningful church service. Representatives from each generation came forward and we were reminded of each generation's contributions to the church fellowship and work of Christ in the community, and the future represented by the youngest generations, the teens and children. The young woman presenting this part of the program got choked up, and I had to wipe my eyes. 
Paid in Full celebration at Eastmont Baptist ChurchBalloons aloft!

I'm learning to make wind chimes! I repaired one, a bamboo one, and remade a small tinkly brass one! A little tricky, but just takes patience, not hard at all. I like the sound of the bamboo ones (we have one that didn't need repair, also), and the tinkle of the small brass one will do well with them. Now I'm waiting for a little wind!