Thursday, May 22, 2014

A small but significant update on my knee surgery

I am completely off narcotic pain medication! I haven't had a pain pill since Sunday, except Aleve, and I've been feeling fine! Even my right knee, which still needs surgery, hasn't been hurting.

When I saw the surgeon in mid April, I was only taking two 7.5 Hydrocodone pills a day, and he took me down to 5.0 with the intent of that being my last prescription. The 5.0s didn't touch the pain, and I had some 7.5s left, so I took them, working myself down to one a day. Then I woke up Monday morning, not hurting, so I didn't take any pain pills, not even OTC (over the counter, non prescription). I do need the Aleve, though.

I haven't needed to use my cane either.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fiftieth anniversary high school reunion!

This past weekend was my 50th anniversary high school reunion, and there were a lot of us attending. A few, I remembered immediately, but for most the name tags were necessary. Many I didn't remember at all; it was a large class and I didn't know many of them when I was there. Some people I didn't remember remembered me. I just smiled and went on. It was fun, and I saw some old friends I hadn't seen since graduation.

We drove down to our former home in Daphne on Thursday, ate lunch at Market By the Bay, one of our favorite seafood restaurants. Very casual, Styrofoam plates and plastic forks. That afternoon we played Joker, a board game with cards and marbles, with a group of friends.
Friday evening was the Reunion "Pre-party" at Wintzell's Oyster Bar downtown. They had a room reserved for us with a seafood buffet, and it filled up quickly. We were all talking and laughing so much that it was hard to hear each other over the din! Outside on the patio it was quieter, but fewer people. Funny how that works, isn't it!

Gathering at WintzellsAn old friend
The lady in the green shirt is an old friend from kindergarten days; our mothers walked us to kindergarten at a church, and we were in carpool together in elementary and junior high school. We walked to high school, but not together. She lives in Florida now and I never see her. This was her first H.S. reunion.

Saturday morning we met at the school for a tour of the campus and a delicious lunch prepared by the students of the Culinary Department, barbeque pulled pork or chicken salad sandwiches, lime cilantro slaw, pasta salad, iced tea, and cake for dessert. It is really a pretty school, Spanish Colonial style architecture. I didn't realize how pretty it was until I had left! It was hit by a strong tornado on Christmas Day, 2012 which caused major damage. Much has been restored and it is estimated that the work will be finished in 2-4 years. Students returned to the campus for the fall semester that year.,_Alabama)
Murphy High School, 2014
Arts Building, Murphy High School
The cheerleaders led us in a pep rally in the cafeteria, which is much lighter and brighter and cleaner than I remember it.
Cheerleaders performed for us
Lunch prepared by school culinary students
On the tour we saw impressive murals in the library which we had not known of. They were painted during the Depression of the 1930s by an artist of the Federal Art Project of the WPA (I don't remember the artist's name), and painted over some time later. They were discovered a few years ago and have been restored. They depict the history of printing.
Murals in library

Saturday evening was the big dinner and dance at the Battle House Hotel downtown, but I didn't get around to taking any pictures there.