Sunday, February 15, 2015

Is it cold? Is it snowing? School closed?

Stock photo: snowstorm-red-fox
(Picture of fox in snow is a stock photo from the internet)

Enjoy this video from Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island, USA

School Is Closed

And for another take on "Frozen", a fed-up mom snowed in, with her daughter watching and singing for three days:
Day Three

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Missing Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras mask

Having grown up in Mobile, Alabama, home of America's Mardi Gras, I was used to seeing the month of February as a time full of color and festivity and excitement! Valentine's Day just couldn't compete. There were parades, music, street festivals, and decorations in businesses and in homes.

I missed it when I went away to college, and during the 30+ years we lived in Birmingham, Alabama I slowly accepted quieter, duller midwinters. The recent ten years that we lived in Daphne, Alabama, just over Mobile Bay from downtown Mobile, we only went to a handful of parades, but enjoyed the decorations and festive atmosphere. Now that we're upstate once again, we find Februaries eerily quiet. The weeks are long between Christmas and the opening of the first spring buds. (I am almost ashamed to admit that here in south central Alabama, that happens about the third week of February. Not so awfully long; perhaps the upper midwest and northeast US could use a little Mardi Gras?)