Thursday, March 10, 2016

Temporarily stalled

My husband had shoulder surgery two weeks ago, arthroscopic, outpatient. He fell in January and pretty much tore up his right shoulder, and he's right handed. He tore 3 out of 4 tendons completely, and the 4th one is barely hanging on. The surgeon did what he could, but said there is only a 50% chance that it will heal. He may need a shoulder replacement later. I don't know why he didn't just do the replacement then, but I didn't ask.
Anyway, husband is wearing a sling all the time, except when he is bathing, dressing, or exercising. He's not in much pain (taking strong painkillers for his back anyway.) We are both sleeping in the recliners in the den every night, him to keep his arm from moving in his sleep, and me to keep him company. I'm used to sleeping in the recliner anyway - I did it for several months after our car accident, and after both knee surgeries, and whenever I get a cold or cough, as it helps mitigate the effects of the congestion.

I haven't been going to the Y since his surgery. He can't cook, and he doesn't get up and moving early enough for me to cook his eggs and get there in time for class. I have been walking in the neighborhood and using my two-pound weight at home for arm exercises.
He's very bored, tired of doing nothing, and frustrated about all that needs to be done this time of year. I called a neighbor for the name of her yard workers.