Monday, April 3, 2017

Our trip to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum in Kentucky, USA, part 1

I've been meaning to write about our trip for some time, and it's been nearly a month now since we went, so I'd better get on with it before I forget the details!

Ever since I heard that someone was going to build a replica of Noah's Ark (told in the Bible, Genesis chapters 6 - 9), I have been wanting to see it. Last fall, our church's Senior Adult minister announced a trip to visit Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum, so we signed up! I am very glad we went; it was most interesting and impressive! The Ark is huge! Vast!

Ark Encounter, photo by a friend, Sybil

Ark Encounter, photo by a friend, Sybil

(These two pictures above were taken by my friend Sybil, and I am using them with her permission.)

Inside, it is also huge: Interior structure, Ark Encounter

It is built to show how the animals might have been housed and cared for aboard the ark.

Cages for small creatures: Ark Encounter

Food storage:
Food storage, Ark Encounter and Food storage, Ark Encounter

A display of some medium sized animals, in this case, boars:
Pig-like animals, Ark Encounter

Most of the details of the ark and of the experiences of Noah and his family, and of the creatures aboard can only be guessed; it is left to speculation. The people behind the Ark Encounter (Answers in Genesis, led by Ken Ham) show how the animals may have been fed and the ark kept clean (with a complicated, to me, system of water and drainage). Others have speculated that God put the animals in a deep trance, like hibernation, for the duration of the flood (about a year until the water receded enough to live off the ark). There is no way we can know these details with certainty. That doesn't bother me. I don't need to know how God did it; I know only that He did it. I believe that the Bible is God's Word, and that it is true. I never claimed to be knowledgeable in science or in theology, but I do believe that science, if researched and studied without bias, will come to verify that all things written in Scripture are true. Psalm 19:1, "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth the work of his hands."

Other displays on the Ark Encounter showed how Noah and his family might have lived. (Names were even given for Noah's wife and daughters-in-law.) Of course this is pure speculation - interesting but not enlightening.
Speculation (Ark Encounter)

Some displays were informative, like these showing all the flood legends from around the world:
Many flood legends, from all over the world Many flood legends, from all over the world Many flood legends, from all over the world Many flood legends, from all over the world Many flood legends, from all over the world Many flood legends, from all over the world
If you can enlarge each photo, a Google search for each name might prove illuminating. Also for more information, click here: Ark Encounter website

(I'll write about the Creation Museum in a separate post, tomorrow I hope.)


Martin LaBar said...

Interesting. So they made up names for the women? OK.

Interesting flood stories from all over.

FancyHorse said...

Actually, the names were from some extra-Biblical sources such as Josephus, but was legendary, not factual.